Songs for 3-part choir

Mein Wald  SAA choir a capella
A beautiful and poignant work for women’s choir in the Lied tradition of early-nineteenth-century Romanticism. Also available for SABar choir and for solo voice with piano accompaniment.

The Zoos & the Bees   SABar choir a capella
The perfect ‘encore’ for your concert! Wonderfully close-harmony-ish with funky passages, yet totally classical in its form: a canon. Also available for SATB choir.

My Sweetest Lord   SABar choir + 2 solos + piano
A deliciously bluesy swaying gospel in 12/8 rhythm based on Psalm 23, ‘the Lord is my shepherd’. Also available for SATB choir.

Das Paradies   SABar + piano
A choral setting of one of the solo pieces from the song cycle “Nachtgedanken”, with poems by the German poet H.P.O. set to music by Peter Duiverman.

In Lucem   SABar + piano or organ
Solemn, monumental & consoling, this beautiful work is reminiscent of classical church music. Also available for SATB choir.

Lullaby for a Polar Bear   SABar + piano
An infinitely tender lullaby for the innocent creature who knows nothing about its future, nor its fate. A song for the environment and our planet.

The Willow Tree   SAA + alto solo + piano
A romantic composition for 3-part women’s choir, celebrating the peace and beauty of nature, zooming in on two lovers lying asleep underneath a willow tree. The diversity in the different passages make this a challenging and interesting piece for performance.

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Works in progress

The Day   SAA + solo soprano & baritono + piano
A song full of melancholy about the life of a relationship,
with latin-american rhythms and haunting harmonies.

Summer Balcony   SAA + soprano solo + piano
A sonnet in the Shakespearean style, put to beautifully dreamy music.