Songs for 4-part choir

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Want Hij leidt mij daarheen   SATB + solo soprano & alto + piano
Een heerlijke gospel gebaseerd op Psalm 23, ‘De Heer is mijn Herder.’ Ook becshikbaar voor SABar koor. *)

My Sweetest Lord   SATB + solo soprano & alto + piano
A deliciously bluesy swaying gospel in 12/8 rhythm based on Psalm 23, ‘the Lord is my shepherd’. Also available for SABar. *)

The Witches’ Dialogue   SATB a capella
A rhythmical and polyphonic treat with highly unusual lyrics. *)

In Lucem   SATB + piano or organ
Solemn, monumental & consoling, this beautiful work is reminiscent of classical church music. Also available for SABar.

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His Name is Jesus   SATB + piano
A gospel that lifts the heart! It has a soft and solemn introduction, evolving into a jubilant up-tempo chorus.

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*) vocals by Paul van den Berg, Emke van Biemen, Anke de Bruijn, Dimitra Hierck, Katrien Kempenaers, Peter LeCoq, Trevor Moore.