Corona Tryptic

Creepy Virus Blues is a dark outlook on the destiny of a Corona patient, but also of anyone who is ill, and lonely. It was composed just two days before the French lockdown began. Do not watch if you are sensitive to hospital scenes. But then again, like all Stone&Tara videos, this one is beautiful and elegant.

After their pitch-black Creepy Virus Blues, versatile duo Stone&Tara are back with a joyous explosion of the duo’s trademark mixture of jazz, blues and latin. The Corona Lindy Hop lends a sunny outlook to the current situation we are all finding ourselves in at this moment in time.
Working with singers from the Netherlands, instrumentalists from… (read on below the video)

…France, and some fun-loving dancers from Australia and California, the duo consisting of singer/lyricist Anke de Bruijn and pianist/composer Peter Duiverman have constructed what has turned out to be a monster project that has taken a full four months to take the shape in which they are now presenting it to the world.

During this process of creative toil, they managed to squeeze in a series of hilarious musical sketches with tips & tricks for surviving lockdowns called Power to Yes, which is on show here.
Ladies and gentlemen, put on your dancing shoes! Corona Lindy Hop is here!

The third part of the Corona Tryptic is under construction. Because it will be a long long time until all this is over…