Private Serenade – This is how it works

This is how it works

In a Zoom meeting session, Stone&Tara will perform three of your favourite popular songs. You can give these songs as a present to whomever you want, all over the world, via a live stream. As a part of the show, you may be in the picture yourself and address your loved ones or friends who in turn can respond (as it is live).

  • Duration of the Private Serenade: 30 minutes
  • Stone&Tara assume that you can operate the Zoom application on your computer or tablet.
  • In a preliminary talk using Zoom Stone&Tara will map out your wishes and together we will make a scenario for the Private Serenade.
  • Thirty minutes before the start of the Private Serenade, you can connect to Stone&Tara’s Private Serenade room.
  • This connection is private and cannot be followed by people that have not been invited by you.
  • You can invite a maximum of three logins in a session.
  • This Private Serenade is broadcasted from the countryside of France with good internet connections but of course there may be a “hiccup” in it – Stone&Tara cannot be held responsible for that.
  • If the Private Serenade does not go ahead at all due to a major internet malfunction, you will be refunded the amount paid.
  • Cost all in: 150€
  • Email us at: