Corona Trilogy

  • Part I: Corona Lindy Hop
  • Part II: Creepy Virus Blues
  • Part III: Face à la Crise

The Corona Lindy Hop is a joyous explosion of the duo’s trademark mixture of jazz, blues and latin. The Corona Lindy Hop (June 2020) lends a naively sunny outlook to the current situation we are all finding ourselves in at this moment in time. It was recorded by Stone&Tara together with singers, instrumentalists and dancers from France, the Netherlands, the United States, Sweden, and Australia. (read on below)

Creepy Virus Blues (March 2020) is a dark outlook on the destiny of a Corona patient, but also of anyone who is ill, and lonely. It was composed just two days before the French lock-down began. In its essence, it is a plea for learning to understand and accept that we nor our doctors are magicians, and that death is a part of being human.

Face à la Crise (‘facing the crisis’) is the closing piece of the Corona Trilogy. After the light-hearted, latin-american Corona Lindy Hop and the sarcastic, pitch-black Creepy Virus Blues, Face à la Crise for two soloists, women’s choir and piano, is a work that has moved away from pop and blues music. It is baroque in its form, including two recitativos, a memento mori in its message, a poetic vision of how we live our lives in great haste, and how humanity is creating its own downfall at an incredibly rapid pace, which is reflected in the restlessness of the music.

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